This tutorial is about developing an application and not on how to configure and setup a development environment. You will need the following tools to go through this tutorial. The easiest way to install most of these tools is to use yum. There are many good sources out there on how to use yum on IBM i to install open source software.

Also all these tools are not IBM i specific. There is plenty of information about them on the internet. Just look it up! Use your minds!


You will need a working PASE environment with preferably bash installed. Again there are many sources out there on how to configure bash. If you have a problem setting this up then get help through a forum or mailing list or stop by the IBM i group at or Slack. If you have no account yet on Ryver then subscribe via this link. The General forum on Ryver is a good starting point.


SSH is needed to connect to your IBM i from your PC. Though you may also call QP2TERM from a 5250 session though I wouldn’t recommend that.


make is the build tool which controls our build process. It can be installed via yum, package make-gnu.ppc64.


You will need git to access the source code repository of the project. What is git? That is beyond this tutorial and you should look it up on the internet.


Last but not least we need a library where all the objects are placed.


Now you should be set up for the tour. Let’s go! :)